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WorkAid is committed to its community and our environment. We challenge our community and our business community to share in this passion. Please email us to find out more and how your contribution can help.

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 Angelo is the co-founder of Carbon Cap Inc. At the age of 5 he was struck by a car as a pedestrian changing his life forever. It was a miracle that he survived such trauma but used this adversity as his calling in life. Now nearly 50 years old, Angelo has lived his life helping people helping disabled individuals recover from catastrophic injuries. Angelo has now directed his focus into another passion to help many many more lives and the lives of generations to come. He has seen the goals of our government and those of all governments across the world to control our climate. His father a labourer at Stelco developed COPD a respiratory disease as a direct cause of pollutants in Hamilton's air. To reduce our carbon footprint. Angelo and his business partner Raphael have invented a product that can significantly move the needle in the fight to reduce greenhouse emmissions into our air. They invested thousands of hours on this project and their entire savings over the past 4 years. Now we need your help to finish this goal.

Carbon Cap Inc is a Hamilton, Ontario company that has the solution to reducing carbon emmissions and ultimately achieving our planet's goal to reduce greenhouse emmissions by 50% by the year 2030.
Carbon Cap has developed a patented product that will be installed in 90% of all high rise buildings in North America. This product has been studied and confirmed for it's efficiency by a third party energy company. This revolutionary invention will reduce the consumption of natural gas up to 30% and in some cases more. It has been described as the equivalency of removing thousands of cars off the roads per year. The government's hefty goal of reducing carbon emmissions by 50% is a huge challenge for any product today but Carbon Cap's FGR (flue gas recovery) product is proven that it will achieve this goal but needs the community's assistance.

All donations will be used for the infrastructure of producing beyond a prototype. Carbon Cap requires these funds to build this product, create case studies, secure additional engineering experts, marketing, and secure manufacturing assistance.

This ground breaking product will

• clean our air
• reduce natural gas consumption by 30%
• increase value of our properties
• create and provide rebates and refunds by Union Gas, Embridge etc.
• create new jobs
• create new manufacturing jobs
• keep this product from being built and sold abroad

All supporting proof and documentation with respect to our invention of the FGR and its efficiency will be made available